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Powerful POS capabilities are the main course for table service


With Aloha Table Service, the wait is over. This multifunctional POS system gives restaurant operators all the tools they need to boost sales and speed of service. Staff can use Aloha Table Service to enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations. Benefits include:


  • Faster Service

Use Aloha Table Service to serve customers swiftly and accurately. The system’s easy-to-use graphical interface makes order entry, check splitting, and card processing simple while providing optional tools for order breakdowns and routing.


  • Greater Customer Loyalty

Aloha Table Service helps staff deliver superior customer service that wins repeat business. The POS application can also be used to build loyalty programs and increase gift card sales.


  • Enhanced Operational Control

Analyze detailed reports to drill down on sales, server and restaurant performance. Use data to fine-tune menu design and promotions, make staffing decisions and compare your restaurant’s performance against its peers.


  • Guaranteed Business Continuity

Aloha Table Service has the industry’s best data redundancy program, ensuring that you won’t lose time or sales due to service disruptions.


  • Reduced Training Time

It’s easy to train new staff on Aloha Table Service. New hires will rapidly learn new functionality on the intuitive graphical user interface, adding immediate value.


  • Swift Maintenance for High Uptime

Avoid operational hassles with our responsive maintenance program. Our skilled technicians work hard to fix your units and return them to service quickly.


Key Features:


    • Graphical user interface with configurable menus, lead-through order entry and automatic modifiers
    • Integrated, fast credit card processing at every POS station, even when operating in redundancy mode
    • Reports include total sales, server sales, product mix, and labor costs, as well as wait staff speed of service, item sales and category sales
    • Built-in software redundancy ensures no POS system downtime or data loss
    • Staff have multiple login options, including card swipe, PIN, and fingerprint biometrics

Optional features include kitchen chit printing and routing, menu management, automated promotions, and more

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