NCR Secure Access


NCR Secure Access Provides you Secure, Remote Access to Your Individual Sites


It is easier than ever to view and print Aloha Manager reports, access your sites, and gain visibility to potential operational and security risks through proactive alerts. Secure Access uses the most current security best practices to ensure data at the site remains safe and secure when accessed remotely.




System alerts are displayed prominently on the Secure Access main screen to provide quick and easy notification that a potential security risk has been detected or some other operational issue was encountered. This information enables you to be proactive in addressing potential problems at the site.


Security Alerts


  • Unauthorized remote access application detected
  • Windows updates turned off or out of date
  • No anti-virus software detection

Operational Alerts


  • Unsettled credit card batch
  • Pending offline credit transactions
  • Low disk space

Run Reports


When logged in you have the ability to run specific system reports at a single site from anywhere and print the reports to a local printer.


Remote Control to Back of House


Using a secure VNC connection, Secure Access allows users to establish a remote connection with the back of house server. A remote user is able to access a site and navigate on the back of house as if they are actually at the site.


File Transfer to Back of House (BOH)


Use the Secure Access File Transfer functionality to transport files between a local computer and a remote computer in a seamless, “behind the scenes” manner.


Only Outbound Connections


Secure Access is not dependent on an open in-bound connection which is inherently insecure. No user interaction is required at the site to establish an outbound connection. Secure Access connects securely in the background without interrupting normal site operations.


Encrypted Communications


All communications to and from the site are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Secure Shell (SSH) to maximize security.


User Authentication


The Security Code offers three multi-factor methods to log in to Secure Access. If you obtained one, you can use the RSA security code generator device, you can have the security code sent to you in a text message, or you can use the Pulse Login Authenticator on an iOS or Android device.




Secure Access securely logs all user activity at the data center.